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The World’s Greatest Exploration App

We were born to explore. It's a primal instinct we've inherited from our ancestors. 

The joy of exploring something new or seeing something familiar from a different perspective is something that we want to share with everyone. 

We want to inspire people to get active and be healthy. Whatever your calling, there's a place for you in this movement called District.You control what you experience, we just believe you should explore more. 

The world is yours to explore. 

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What is District?

With the District app in your hand, cities come to life as an urban exploration game that you can play anytime, anywhere. 

We activate cities across the globe with millions of virtual waypoints.

Use the the District app to navigate the city, complete the challenges and collect the points.

The aim of the game is to collect as many points as possible in the time limit. There’s no set route and no set distance, so strategy is key! 

Track your progress on live leaderboards, be rewarded and level up your fitness.

Getting Started
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District Urban Races

District Urban Races bring thousands of Explorers together to discover their city like never before.

Racing individually or as a team of 4, you’ll start and finish at the centrally located District Base and use the District app to navigate through the city, collecting points as you clear Checkpoints, Time trials, Discovery questions and Scans.

There's no set route and no set distance, its up to you to choose how you explore. Use a combination of strategy and speed to see yourself climb the leaderboard and collect the ultimate AR finisher medal.

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How to Start Exploring...


Download the District app from the App Store or from Google Play, register an account and you’re ready to go. 

Select a District near you that suits your goals. Plan a strategy that plays to your strengths. You can’t hit all the waypoints in the time limit, so make sure you plan carefully! 

Hit start, and you’re off. 

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Checkpoints are the easiest way to start collecting points, simply navigate to the location to get the points.

Challenges require you to navigate to the location and complete a task to get the points. There’s different types of challenges - choose the challenges you want to tackle based on your strengths.

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Check in on the live leaderboard and see your progress.

Grab as many points as you can, before time runs out! 

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Join the movement!

We’re building a movement of global explorers and we want you to be a part of it

Join our community run club meet ups across the world!

Be a part of our District mass events as we take over cities for a celebration of urban exploration.

Get Involved
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Upcoming Mass Events…

Create your own District

Want to create your own Districts, or do you have a new idea to share with us?
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