Getting Started
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Getting Started

  1. Download the App!
    Download the District App from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  2. Create an account
    Create a District account, either via Facebook or using your email address
  3. Select a District
    Navigate to the ‘Discover’ Tab and select a District from the ‘Featured Districts’. Alternatively, go to the ‘Explore’ tab and find a District on the map
  4. Plan your route
    Once you’ve selected your District you’ll be able to see all of the relevant details and preview the District. Make sure to plan your route before you start!
  5. Get started!
    Once you’re within range of the District, hit start to begin. You can start from any point within the District. You have 1 hour to collect as many checkpoints as you can. Good luck!


Each District is comprised of a number of different types of checkpoints on the map, that we term the Grid.  The majority of checkpoints within each District are virtual checkpoints created using GPS beacons, you simply navigate to these locations to collect the points, the other types of checkpoints are described below.

Make sure you play to your strengths and plan your route accordingly!

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Checkpoint Types


A checkpoint where explorers must correctly answer a question, the answer of which can be found in the immediate vicinity

Discovery Image

Time Trial

A checkpoint where explorers must get to the checkered flag in the shortest time possible. The faster the Time Trial is completed; the more points are earned

Time Trial Image

AR Scan

A checkpoint where explorers must find and scan a part of the existing city infrastructure (eg. A graffiti wall) to collect the points

AR Scan Image
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Hints & Tips

  1. Use your phone like a compass
    Change the orientation of the map so the green arrow is pointing up. This is the easiest way to navigate - don't look at your phone too often!
  2. Know the different checkpoints
    Tap the checkpoint button to see the points on offer:
    Green - pass through the location to get the points
    Orange - Discovery
    Pink - Time Trial
    Yellow - AR scans
  3. Be safe
    Follow all the rules of the road and don't jay walk! Remember planning your route to avoid traffic is a key part of the experience
  4. Play to your strengths
    Choose your strategy based on your strengths
  5. Have fun and appreciate your city!
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