District Race Australia 2020

Proudly Supporting the Leukaemia Foundation

Jun 11-Aug 02, 2020


One ticket gets you unlimited access until 2nd August. Your ticket includes 7 Run Challenges in your city, your AR-enabled finisher medal and an $8 donation to the Leukaemia Foundation.
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How it Works

District and the Leukaemia Foundation are partnering together for a major fundraiser to help give back to the more than 110,000 Australians of all ages who are living with the devastating effects of blood cancer. $8 of every ticket purchased goes towards the amazing work that the Leukaemia Foundation is doing in supporting people living with blood cancer.

Buying a ticket gets you unlimited access to explore with District from now until August 2nd. Get on the leaderboard by taking part in any of the seven Challenges in your city. Each challenge has a number of checkpoints to collect, including Discovery quiz questions, Time Trial sprints, and Hidden checkpoints.

Start at any checkpoint, and try to collect as many as you can before the 60-minute time limit expires. Complete each challenge at your own pace, at any time of the day, and complete them over and over as many times as you would like.

There will be amazing prizes for the top scorers overall. Plus, get entered to the lucky draw when you score 1,000+ points on any challenge for a chance to win a prize. Push your limits and know that every step is helping to give back to those in need.

Help Us Give Back

Bonnie Baczynski will never forget the day she was told her 4-year-old daughter, Arianna (pictured) had leukaemia. Two days later, they were on the Medi-Flight from regional Queensland down to Brisbane so Ari could begin treatment as soon as possible. The Baczynski family was finally able to return home just days before Christmas after nine months of treatment while taking sanctuary at the Leukaemia Foundation village.

By purchasing a ticket, you play a vital role in helping to beat blood cancers and make sure families facing blood cancer have a place to call home during treatment, someone to turn to, and access to the best possible care and treatment. More than 110,000 Australian men, women and children are living with the devastating impact of blood cancer and today it’s one of the biggest causes of cancer death. The Leukaemia Foundation stands with Australia to help cure and conquer every blood cancer – with care.

Explore Your City

We have 7 cities across Australia waiting to be explored. Download the app to explore each of the 5 routes in these cities:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Hobart
  • Canberra

We also have 1 Run Challenge available in each of these newly added cities:

  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Wollongong

Don't see your city on the list? Reach out to us and request for it to be added at explore@districtrace.com



Purchase a ticket and receive the world's best Augmented Reality Virtual Finisher Patch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is District Race?

District Race will turn the city into your playground with the District app in your hand. Take on one of the many race routes in your city, as you race through checkpoints and challenges before the time runs out. You will have 60 minutes to complete checkpoints, Discovery quiz questions and Time Trial sprints. This is the ultimate District experience bringing Explorers together to discover their city like never before. Use a combination of strategy and speed to climb the leaderboard and collect the ultimate AR finisher patch.

How do I get started on District Race AU?
  1. Purchase a ticket at https://raceroster.com/events/2020/32096/district-australia
  2. Download the District app by opening this link on your mobile device: https://exploredistrict.page.link/app
  3. Input your access code (see how: https://youtu.be/prJv3b2OkU8)
  4. Complete any of the 7 Run Challenges in your city. Complete more challenges to get higher on the leaderboard.
  5. Score at least 1,000+ points on a Run Challenge to be entered into the lucky draw for a chance to win.
  6. Complete the Run Challenges as many times as you would like during the event dates. (Note: only your best score from each challenge will be counted towards the overall leaderboard)
What cities is District Race AU available in?

There are 7 challenges in each of the following cities - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra.

Want to participate in your city for the next event? Email us to let us know which city at explore@districtrace.com

What are the different checkpoint types?

Each race route will have a 60-minute timer. Along the way you will have 3 different types of checkpoints:

  • Green (Checkpoint): Run through the location to collect points
  • Blue (Discovery Quiz Question): Use your surroundings to find the clue and select the correct answer. You may also see a few bodyweight exercises on these Run Challenges, with activities such as star jumps.
  • Pink (Time Trial): Sprint from Start to Finish as fast as possible. The quicker you are, the more points you get.
  • Light Blue (Hidden): These will become visible on the map when collecting a checkpoint in a different area. Get there within the time limit to collect points.
Is this an individual event or with teams?

This is an invidivual event, however District is the most fun when doing so in small groups of friends. If permitted in your state, you can use "Challenge mode" to run together and compete head-to-head on the map.

What are the prizes? And how can I win?

Top 3 males and top 3 female on the overall Mission leaderboard (6 pax total) will win a prize. Only your best score from each Run Challenge will contribute to the overall Mission leaderboard.

Score 1,000+ points on any Run Challenge to be entered into the lucky draw for that week's raffle. The raffle will reset each week.

Post on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #exploredistrict for a chance to win a weekly raffle prize.

What safety measures should I be aware of?

Your safety, and the safety of our community, is our number one priority.

Be sure to observe traffic safety laws when completing your run. Practice safe social distancing as required by your location.

How do I get my Augmented Reality Finisher Patch?

Your purchased ticket includes an Augmented Reality enabled Finisher Patch. This will be mailed to you at the end of the event. Scan it with the District app to watch it come to life with your real-time race results:

  • Open the District app
  • Click "More" in bottom bar
  • Open "AR Camera"
  • Point camera at Virtual Medal design and watch it come to life
What if I have more questions or issues for District Race AU?

If you have more questions or experience any issues, you can reach out to us at districtraceau@gmail.com.

For general District enquiries, you can also contact us at explore@districtrace.com.

Where can I find the full Terms & Conditions for District Race AU?

See the full terms & conditions for District Race AU here: https://exploredistrict.com/mission-terms/district-australia-challenge/

What if there is an issue with a checkpoint?

Reach out to us at explore@districtrace.com, let us know the issue you are having, and we will fix it ASAP.

This can be relating to inaccessible checkpoints, due to construction or other factors.

What do I need to participate in District?

Ensure you have a smartphone with the latest version of the District app. Make sure your battery is fully charged. Ensure your phone is NOT in low power mode. Ensure your GPS / location is turned on.

Water and a phone case are recommended.

My app crashed / my app is frozen. What should I do?

First, try closing out of your app and restarting. This should take you back to the map view, or back into your current Challenge.

If you are still having issues, uninstall the app, and reinstall the latest version of the app directly from the app store.

I lost my access code from my ticket purchase?

Your access code will be sent to you via email, after purchasing your ticket at Race Roster. If for any reason you are unable to find it or your code is not working, please reach out to us at districtraceau@gmail.com

Who is the Leukaemia Foundation?

The Leukaemia Foundation is the only national organisation that represents the needs of all people living with any blood cancer in Australia and takes the lead in the conversation around blood cancer. Together with its generous supporters, the Leukaemia Foundation works to give every Australian with blood cancer access to the right information; the best treatments, the latest trials, tests and diagnostic tools; and the best supportive care to help people not just to survive - but also to live well. For more information about the Leukaemia Foundation please visit www.leukaemia.org.au


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